Tips for making you instagram page more popular

Instagram uses a certain criteria to determine which photos make it to the popular page. Most people join instagram with an aim to create a large network either for social reasons or business. One of the determinants of how successful one is on instagram, is if he or she makes it to the popular page. Some of the instagram tips on how to be successful are to attract a large number of followers and likes. These are some of the determining factors of who makes it to the popular page.

To ensure that you get on popular page, you have to make sure that you not only have followers but your photos are liked too. People are on instagram to view photos you upload and share theirs too. Therefore it is important that you upload only the best pictures only that are likely to catch the eye of your viewer. This way, you will get people’s attention and they will want to follow you. Even when you buy instagram followers you still need to make your profile interesting with the type of pictures you upload. This way your followers will want to keep following you. When uploading your images upload only a few at a time. If you upload too many at once people might miss out on some of your shots.

Being active on instagram will increase your chances of making it on the popular page. Being active does not only entail posting photos but you have to keep on checking your profile for people who viewed your photos and commented or even liked them. Be sure to thank them. Posting comments and liking other people’s pictures can also increase your chances of making it to the popular page. With the introduction of instagram for PC, you can manage your account from your personal computer using other websites. Instagram allows you to sign up using other websites which can allows you to view comments, add/ remove friends, make comments, like other photos among many other things.

Getting free instagram followers and having your pictures liked is the main key to making it on instagram popular page. However you have to consider other contributing factors to ensure that you are really successful. Follow them all and you will be on your way to making it on the popular page.


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