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Your Rush ECHO for Monday 6-7-2010

Your Conservative Echo for Monday, 6/7/10
  Glenn Beck Show student NOTES at 5pmET
Segment#1:  Glenn Beck Opening  :::   "Founders Friday"
Last week we refounded the Black Founders  [#1 in Cable News due to just telling the truth.  People want to learn our true history.]  Tonight, second favorite Founder.  Fly a kite;  American spy;  quite a politician.  Hate monger?  Not!  He was popular in France and amazingly smart.  Ben Franklin.
What if he said this about the Poor, [reading] suggesting we drive them out of it. [Glenn Beck says Media Matters dreams about comments like this to label someone "Hate Monger".]  Doing 'less' for  the poor is to their benefit.  Franklin's solutions are not 'radical' but rather 'common-sense'. 
Uncle Sam can't raise you out of poverty.  [Joke: he should be in prison and wears stripped pants.]  Have you ever met someone that said, the government raised me out of poverty?
Did you know that Benjamin Franklin started the first hospital in Pennsylvania by telling the PA legislature in 1751 by paying half, raising half of the $$ to build it? He was lumped in as racist.  Contraire, he was an abolitionist, not a white racist.
([Evil]) Woodrow Wilson was the guy that brought Jim Crow to Washington DC.  He separated schools and bathrooms, justifying it by saying, "You can catch diseases from Blacks."  He thought their desire for education was unwarranted.
Benjamin Franklin started the first PA lending library, fire station, and the first militia in America with 10,000 drawing from colonies.   He declined being their [general].   [ED: How do you spell (sounds like) 'cernal' or colnel? ] 
If he were alive today he would be really grumpy seeing our [socialist] behavior. [Two guest authors join Glenn Beck to discuss early American history.]
Franklin was the postmaster for the Colonies.  Franklin pushed for each Colonies to chip in, work with the British, and push the French down the river, 1754.  Younger, he was a hulk, riding horses.  He started discussion/debates.  "Join or die", showing eight segments of a snake: N.E.;  NY;  NJ;  PA;  MA;  VA;  NC; SC.  Franklin drew cartoons and the snake was used 25 years before the eagle came in.  The snake eyes — always alert;   the rattle — always warns you;   it will warn you and strike only when provoked. 
>>> [Summary of what we have learned]
Great insights and common sense from Benjamin Franklin, and interesting things we never knew. He created many firsts.  We didn't write about his nudist tendencies in exercise, aerobics — swimming popular in the day air.
Segment#2:  Has there ever been such a Founding ?
Read their own words:  Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.  Also, "7 [sic, should be spelled 'Seven'] Events that Made America", author talking w/Glenn.  Find them on  In the day, the richest lawyer in PA earned 20 pounds a year, and Benjamin Franklin earned 2,000 pounds a year.  He was as popular as George Washington. 
"Washington won the battles but Franklin won the war", putting alliances together.  Some in Europe were terrified of Franklin and his secret gathering of electricity. 
At the end of his life, he was in so much pain.  He was stanchly against Slavery in the conventions.  There was a verbal agreement that nothing would be done for 20 yrs then the South would 'wean' themselves off.  Etc.   Also, he wanted to train the poor [says the second author].
>>> [Summary of what we have learned]
Franklin and Washington were contemporaries but were not in the same social circles;  Franklin was more friendly — Washington more aloof. 
Segment#3:  {[( ED: this is a one-hour show, we love Glenn Beck )]}
Back, with Jim Srodes and Larry Schweikart, authors.  [Audience Q/A]  Franklin was a good father (Deborah his wife) as long as son did what he said.  [Interesting details with son William and grandson William, and Thomas Paine who looked to Franklin as his father-figure.  Jefferson devoted to Franklin also.]  He moved from Puritan to Presbyterian.  He paid for a pew in Church of England for Deborah.  He liked going to church and went to everyone's church. He helped raise money for the first Jewish synagogue in PA.  He raised money to rebuild the Catholic Church when it was burned to the ground.
A deist is one who says God builds a watch and then just walks away.  Franklin had a problem with organized religion.   Franklin believed in revealed religion and prayer.  He believed God protects his children.    [Author says he was (what we could call today) a Unitarian.]
He respected the principles of Christ but said he was not to the point of believing in his divinity. 
>>> [Summary of what we have learned]
Franklin was not a 'deist' because God helps us, he knew.  He prayed.
Benjamin Franklin believed in what God reveals to us, says Beck.
Segment#4:  Teach basic truths about Founding Fathers and events
This summer we are tying to teach fundamental truths and that includes learning the truth about our Founding Fathers.  We can't determine who we are and where we want to go if we don't learn where we have been.
We want to put essential basic truth back in that has been erased in so many schools.  All of our problems today are because we are not listening to their common sense.  [Author said Franklin was tough and cagey.  He was supportive of community interests.]
Beck refers to the autobiography, holds it up and talks to the first author.  Washington developed a list of personal discipline and reviewed it.  Benjamin Franklin,
    "penny saved is a penny earned";
    "Early to bed; early to rise";
    "Never a borrower nor a lender be";    (from Poor Richard newspaper).
Temperance, don't eat too much,  up to 13 virtues.  He practiced them through the years.  Franklin had twelve, and a Quaker suggested, "Humility".  He would be chaste for a week and then chase women.
>>> [Summary of what we have learned]
Franklin worked hard to better himself.   Poor Richard Almanac helped others.
Segment#5:  You have a 'chance' to succeed in America
"You have the right to Life, Liberty, and Property", wrote a committee of five lead by Thomas Jefferson.  Franklin changed it to 'opportunity to achieve happiness    your chance for fortune'.   It was revolutionary, never repeated [author says:  your chance to be better than you were born].   Beck says now it is all about leveling the playing field, as some think. 
No, the opportunity is there — but you are the one that has to do it.
When did that go away?  [Discussion] 
>>> [Summary of what we have learned]
The three on stage remember their parents declining gov't handouts.
They refused food stamps.  "I'll earn it myself!", they said.
Segment#6: Grab these two books and read them ::
     7 Events That Made America, America, by Larry Schweikart
     Franklin, the Essential Founding Father by Jim Srodes
>   >   >        From New York [NYC], good night.
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ED: Just tuning in ::  "… nothing you do will prevent $12Trillion Debt from exceeding GNP [in 2012], in the short term [details]."  The great FNC Stuart Varney.  He is always cheerful but truthful and wise, much like the great one.
"I was hoping President Obama would pick someone [tough on Jihad] and protect our national safety, not Jim Clapper.  There is bipartisan opposition by those in Congress that know him best. [National Intelligence Director, nominee]"  Pete Hoekstra (R-MI)
"A Midwest HS, blown to bits a day before their graduation." Martha McCallun.
"Truth is, we have essentially no oil;  biggest trouble for us has been the news coverage." Gov Halley Barbour.  "You all are doing a great job at FNC;  we have been blessed", Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL), "Fish market is hurt, not tainted fish."
"Does there really need to be a Mosque near Ground Zero? They are protesting in NYC." Martha McCallum.
"It is not one monolithic spill; they have broken it down to four sectors." Martha McCallum.
"[Helen Thomas] should be given a two-week suspension, at minimum;  and if I were her employer, she should be let go."  Ari Fleisher.  [ED:  After this, FNC brings on Butthead Bechel and I put TV on mute.]  Note to CEO Roger Ailes:  Fox News Channel is "Fair and Balanced", not "Fair and Butthead" .!.  He is a Leftist-Liberal-Liar.  Toss him!
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June 7, 2010 Posted by Scott at 5:23 AM
"Hey, Western Union man," Jerry Butler sang in his great 1968 number 1 r & b hit, "send a telegram..." Adapted slightly, it could be the theme song of Arkansas Lt. Gov. Bill Halter's Democratic primary campaign against incumbent Blanche Lincoln. "We're sending a message here," according to Larry Cohen, president of the Communications Workers of America. "Our members have had it -- not just in Arkansas, they have had it across this country."
The New York Times reports on the astounding effort by Big Labor to send a message to Lincoln and her Democratic colleagues through Halter: "They have knocked on 170,000 doors, made 700,000 phone calls, sent 2.7 million pieces of mail and spent almost $6 million on television and radio advertising."
This in a state where the union work force makes up only about 47,000 of Arkansas's 1.1 million workers. The Times adds that union leaders say labor's voting power is augmented by union spouses and retirees. Still, Arkansas is unlikely territory for a straightforward union message. It's the money and the muscle that matter, powered by a message that has more in common with the Tea Party than the union label: "Union advertisements have accused Mrs. Lincoln of being a Washington insider who takes Wall Street money and rarely comes back to Arkansas."
The Times quotes a Republican consultant on the union advertising campaign against Lincoln: "I can say that the ads, the messaging and the continuity of the messaging and the impact of the S.E.I.U. and other labor ads have been nothing short of brilliant," he said. "Bill Halter has been positioned as a Washington outsider, and Blanche Lincoln has been unable to portray him as a liberal accepting liberal support. It's a colossal mistake on her part."
Lincoln's offense against Big Labor is made up of the few votes she has cast trying to salvage a viable candidacy in a battleground state where Obama has tanked. Reading the Times article, one wonders: Do the unions think that Halter will be a stronger candidate than Lincoln in the general election? Bill Clinton supports Lincoln. The Times quotes him suggesting that the union campaign against Lincoln may not be a model of honesty. It's a quote that puts one in mind of the paradox posed by the Cretan philosopher who held that all Cretans are liars.
How does Halter stand to do in the general election against a Republican candidate in a difficult year for Democrats? AFSCME President Gerald McEntee said unions were confident Halter would prevail against the Republican Senate candidate in the general election because Arkansas is a heavily Democratic state. That's why Obama carried the state against McCain in 2008, right? Not. (McCain crushed Obama.)
The element of the excellent Times story that caught my eye was the photograph above. It captures something important. The hefty gentleman supporting Bill Halter and wearing the t-shirt supporting socialized medicine seeks to send a message slightly different than the one publicly advertised.       
By Michelle Malkin  •  June 7, 2010 04:01 AM
Head out on the highway…
As I mentioned last week, I'm with my family on our first ever RV trip. (Thanks to readers and e-mailers for sharing your wonderful travel memories.) Internet and phone access on my trek have been quite spotty – blissfully so. Doug Powers will continue to hold down the fort here on the blog, along with La Shawn Barber and Val Prieto, as I head back home in coming days. Please be sure to thank them for their terrific work.
Some notes on the journey:
Over the past seven days, we've hit Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse memorial, Cody WY, and Yellowstone. The scenery is cinematic; the frontier history is larger-than-life. And the RV community is full of friendly, independent, and amazingly resourceful people.
If you ever need your faith in our country's resilience and beauty renewed, a Great American Road Trip does a body and soul good.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~     [Great photos, Michelle. Congrats!]   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~
I can see bison from my window…
Don't miss the mudpots:  [beautiful photos]
Putting the "yellow" in "Yellowstone" at the Mammoth Hot Spring Terraces: [beautiful photos]
Buffalo in the mist: [beautiful photos]
A rainbow over the Chinatown Restaurant in West Yellowstone, MT: [beautiful photos]
This is truly "America, the Beautiful." How humbling, how blessed we are to call it home.           Posted in: Fun
BONUS: Rush-Show Audience is brilliant and a treat, w/Mark Belling ::
Here is the outline of last show, for Friday, June 4, 2010
Mark Belling of WISN 1130 in Milwaukee guest hosted for Rush.
WISN 1130 Milwaukee's Mark Belling guest hosted for Rush on Open Line Friday.
     » Check Out Mark's Stack of Stuff Here
Dr. Walter E. Williams will assume the Attila the Hun Chair on Monday, June 7th. El Rushbo returns on Tuesday, June 15th.
Mark Monologue: What the Awful Jobs Report Means
More public jobs without any private sector jobs to support them is a recipe for disaster, not for economic recovery.
     » AP: 430K Jobs Created, All But 41K in Government
     » WSJ:  Census Jobs: Now You See Them, Now You Don't
"The entire economic approach of this administration is upside down. We're not only not coming out of this recession, we're creating more problems for the country's future." -Mark Belling
Mark Interview: Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) The GOP's alternative voice.
     » Check Out the Websites! 
Roadmap for America's Future -- and --  America Speaking Out
"You need several private sector jobs to pay for the salary of a person who works for government. So this is not good news that the government is doing all this hiring. If it was good news, the state of New York – which is going bankrupt – should be hiring more people, not laying off public employees." -Mark Belling
Rush Flashback:  Great Question! Did New Deal Spending Revive the Economy?
"Most of the Obama administration's stimulus money has gone to protect union employees at the state level and at the city level.  The money has been used to help the states delay the day of reckoning on their bankruptcy, because of their deficits.  Now, in World War II, federal spending was in the private sector and it was building things.  It was building the armaments of war. It was building ammunition. It was building guns, airplanes, boats. The country was on a full war footing, and products were being produced." -Rush
Mark Monologue: Selig Should Declare that Armando Galarraga pitched a perfect game. The blown call controversy goes all the way to the White House.
   » WSJ:  Gibbs's  Plea for Perfect Game Comes Too Late
   » Video: Blown Call Costs Galarraga Perfect Game
"I think this umpire took his medicine admirably. He came right out and did the next game. I think he deserves credit. I thought what the Tigers [pitcher denied a no-hitter on umpire error] did was very, very classy, too." -Mark Belling
All that plus the Best of Rush when EIB updates!
Jobs to Unveil iPhone 4.0, Safari 5 at Apple Event Monday
By Clayton Morris,  Published June 06, 2010 |
It's become a Spring rite of passage: The snow melts, the Phillies slump, we sneeze from too much pollen -- and Steve Jobs announces a brand new iPhone with itunes gift card codes
We're mere hours away from the kickoff of Apple's annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco where Steve Jobs will take the stage as only he can. 
At last year's WWDC we saw three announcements: a new 15" Macbook Pro, Apple's new operating system Snow Leopard, and a runthrough of the new iPhone 3GS. This year is all about mobility -- and possibly an update to the company's Web browser Safari. 
With a little help from a source at Apple I've decided to just get it over with and liveblog the event now, well ahead of time. I expect the big news to be iPhone 4.0, not be confused with iPhone 4G, and I don't expect any other major consumer announcements. I gather the keynote will go a little something like this:
10:00 AM: Steve Jobs takes the stage in (of course) black turtleneck and jeans -- to a standing ovation. 
10:01 AM: Steve Jobs: "Thank you very much for coming..." blah, blah, blah "working hard on some great stuff..." 
10:04 AM: Steve Jobs: "Success of new iPad..." "Best quarter ever..." "Two million iPads sold to date..." "iPhone still a runaway success..."
10:05 AM: Insert subtle slap against Google's Android operating system, to chuckles and applause from the almost entirely developer audience. 
10:06 AM: Steve Jobs: "We believe that the cloud is the future..." "Success of MobileMe..." Jobs announces a few new features of the calendar, contacts, and mail syncing program (which I use and love). 
10:07 AM: Demo of new MobileMe features and perhaps iTunes update, which will include streaming services. 
10:30 AM: Steve Jobs: "All of this will run seamlessly with the iPhone..." "And speaking of the iPhone..." Jobs discusses iPhone 4.0 operating system, which was announced in April.
10:35 AM: Insert Demo of iPhone 4.0 software. Highlights include folders, multitasking, game center, and more.
10:50 AM: Demos wrap up, Jobs back on stage. "That's a look at iPhone 4.0. We're really excited about it..." 
(Applause, and a significant pause pregnant with meaning)
10:55 AM: Steve Jobs: "But there's more." 
(Applause, and another  pause)
11:00 AM: Steve Jobs: "What would great software be without great hardware?" "Today we are announcing a new iPhone." (You might know it by the codenames enthusiasts have given it, like iPhone HD and iPhone 4)
11:01 AM: Steve Jobs: "I'd like to introduce you to the new phone."
11:01 AM: Out walks Gray Powell, the Apple software engineer who lost the iPhone, to deliver the new iPhone to Steve Jobs. (I wish)
11:02 AM: Steve Jobs: "It's the best phone we've ever built..." "If you thought the last one was fast wait until you see this baby..." Jobs shows off new features. "forward facing video camera..." "video conferencing with iChat built right in..." "beautiful new display..." and battery life "and wait until you see this incredible battery life."
11:15 AM: insert another subtle slap at Android over battery life
11:16 AM: Steve Jobs: "The new iPhone will be available at the end of June."
11:17 AM: Steve Jobs: "We've created a new television ad..." "... I'd like to show it to you."
11:18 AM: Steve Jobs: "Let's watch that again..."
11:25 AM: Jobs recaps today's announcements. "Thank you for coming, and enjoy WWDC."
11:30 AM: Justin Beiber takes the stage to play a song. People swoon and dance in the aisles. 
11:32 AM: Curtain Closed, Lights up
But will this actually happen at WWDC 2010? Wait and see. You can catch my real live blog on Monday at 10AM Pacific right here on
Clayton Morris is a Fox and Friends host and the tech godfather behind the Gadgets and Games show. Follow Clayton's adventures online on Twitter @ClaytonMorris and by reading his daily updates at his blog
ED: WW DD was sold out in a week (4,000 developers) and I will be 
attending instead a San Diego developer conf for Apps for the iPhone.
Pass Echo on. (Editors: Be your Conservative best. 
PG: Yes, we were right !!!!!   We helped break the news of Rush + Kathryn !
When Rush said "We" will be picking a new puppy, that would be her picking.
Why didn't you hear others with a news-scoop?  Easy. The good Right Media
respected Rush's request and the Leftist-DbM didn't want to give recognition.
PS: We had a fabulous/fantastic Family History Seminar (we showed Indexing).
You can see some of it at and
Your Rush ECHO for Monday 6-7-2010  is Charlie/Lynnette and MacFamily is Lynnette/Charlie.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Your Conservative ECHO for Friday 6-4-2010

Your Conservative Echo for Friday, 6/4/10
  Student NOTES at 5pmET Glenn Beck Show
Glenn Beck Questions:  Are all nations equal?  Can you remain neutral?  Is silence an embarrassment? [Video of an Israeli soldier being beaten with metal rods on the flotilla.]  Would we have acted differently under this?  Glenn talks about Ground Zero. After 9/11, if the Saudis said, "Hey, we have a flotilla with help for you." We would say, "You are not going to dock on Long Island, let us check it first."  Do you think if they disobey that order we would have Navy Seals take the ship? 
    The Saudi prince wanted to give a $10million check to NYC.  Rudi Giuliani said, "You see that over there?  You already sent your message."
     Glenn shows two videos (1) a prone citizen being "brutally beaten student at University of Maryland by police sparks outrage."  (2) Israeli soldier being pummeled with pipes by about ten Flotilla Muslims.  Who was the bad guy?  The guy on the ground because he is a Jew?  [[Different reactions in DbM to the two.]]
     When you put pictures side-by-side you can see the truth.  [Another example:  Martin Luther King Jr locking arms and marching in fear, not smiling and laughing;  vs Nancy Pelosi and Democrats locking arms to march in, smiling and laughing, pretending it is Civil Rights to pass ObamaCare.]
       James A. Garfield:  The Truth will make you free, but first it will make you miserable.   I am sick and tired of being the world police.  Let's not make this about Israel.  Make it about Truth.  Do we stand for Truth anymore?
     When was the last time two truly free countries went to war?  We couldn't find one.  With prosperity from Capitalism, people don't go to war.  Who the heck are our friends now in the Middle East?  [Glenn speaks to the map.]   One girl was gang-raped and then beaten after being convicted for being alone with a man.  Who would want to be friends with a nation where the word 'honor' is associated with 'killing', i.e., murder of innocents.
     In Israel, they respect difference of religion and don't give slack to 'honor killings'.  "You can be a Muslim, Arab, Jew;  it doesn't matter.  What the Hell is wrong with us and why are we silent?"  The [DbM] is just doing their little game and we are being trapped in a little box.  When did we have the conversation that we would side with Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Syria?  History is being created;  they'll ask, "Grandma, Grandpa, Where were you?" 
      Democrats are just mocking and acting out Civil Rights.  I've been telling the truth and Media Matters doesn't know what to say. "What were they doing but just breaking the Blockade.  The pro-Israel lobby says differently.  Of course the goal of the flotilla was to break the blockade.  Of course Martin Luther King did the same."  Oh, you Progressives are so cute.
       Martin Luther King Jr was different, knowing his marchers were not going to blow themselves up.  They did not bomb where they marched, they were peaceful. [Strength in God, Peace, and Truth.]  What an outrageous insult to make a comparison.   Media Matters believes like Saul Alinsky that the 'ends' justify the 'means'.  They are also wrong on the legality vs illegality of the blockade.  [Glenn covers the legal justification details:  1. Under international law;  2. Gaza Blockade must be declared and notified;  3. Neutral ports cannot be blocked;  4. Only areas under enemy control can be blockaded.  Since Hamas is a recognized terrorist organization, sounds legal to me.
     [Video of rock throwing and fire-bombing by Gaza] Call it Socialist or Communism or whatever you want, but it is not a Civil Rights peaceful peace movement.  [Media Matter is Progressive propaganda.]
     [Music]  Welcome Back, folks.   It's hot here in NYC, took my jacket off:  it is the Global Warming.  History of anti-Semitism has to be talked about.  You have to learn about the Past to protect the Future. All the usual Progressive suspects are coming out in force to condemn Israel.  [Video of nuts in SF with their picket posters: "Condemn Israel", "US Jews, stop the killing".]   And somebody was naughty and used the Swastika sign.  Chicago Progressives burned an Israeli flag.    
       [Glenn reads from Noam Chomsky's recently nuttiness on Israel.] 
Socialism and anti-Semitism has a long history.  "The hatred of the Jews is actually the hatred of Capitalism" predates Hitler. Go to the Holocaust and remember.  If you can't, I'll remind you, next.
Glen asks, "How many have to die to remember who keeps killing Jews?  In 1844, self-hating Jew Karl Marx said, "What is the secular basis of Judaism?  Practical need, self-interest.  What is the worldly religion of the Jew?  Huckstering.  What is his worldy god?  Money." 
     The term, 'anti-Semitism' was coined in 1879 by Wilhelm Mahr, a radical Socialist.  [Glenn reads from posterboard the 1920 Nazi Party platform.  It was the National Socialist Workers Party, (NAZI).   Textbooks were modified.
      Now let's look at the US: by the 1920s three of the four cities with the most Jews were in the United States. 
Is America now anti-Semite? 
[Glenn Beck's theme this week challenges us to decide who we are.]
[[Glenn goes over the anti-Israel moves w/Adm over last 90 days.]]
Video: Eight out of ten Jewish people voted for Obama; only half would reelect him.  Three dozen in Congress who are Jewish express concern.  Netanyahu was snubbed by the WH.   President Obama chose a Jewish Congressman, Rahm Emmanuel (with a Jewish middle-name 'Israel') to be his Chief-of-Staff.  It was a move that gave many Jews high hopes. [Video ends]
America, something is not right here — and it is up to you.   [.!.]
It is up to you to decide who we are;  it is up to you to write the American story.
Progressives treat you like children, I will not.  They say it is wrong to discriminate. No it is not, based on good and evil.   Bad Jews?  (yes, a few);  same with Arabs, soldiers, cops, Americans.   You look at them and discriminate:  "This one is bad, this one is good;  but not by groups."
Join Glenn Beck in American Revival: July 17 in SLC, Utah.
Don't miss Glenn Beck tonight at 5 pm [ET] on Fox News Channel!
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June 4, 2010 Posted by Scott at 7:09 AM
This past February the New York Times ran an intriguing story by Eric Lipton and Eric Lichtblau on the fundraising prowess of the Congressional Black Caucus. The story described the activities of the CBC and suggested that the CBC's fundraising prowess might involve some shady dealings. It was an eye-opening story.
This week the Times followed up with a story on the efforts of 20 members of the CBC to restrict the powers of the independent ethics office that has spent much of its first full year investigating accusations of wrongdoing among black caucus members. The Times reported that CBC member Marcia Fudge had introduced a resolution co-sponsored by 19 other CBC members to prohibit the release of most investigative reports prepared by the Office of Congressional Ethics. The resolution also provided that the OCE was to be prevented from initiating its own inquiries, unless a sworn complaint was filed by an individual with personal knowledge of the alleged wrongdoing.
What is the source of the problem? The OCE has conducted several investigations involving CBC members who should have known that their activities ran afoul of House Ethics Rules. One can see how that would make the OCE a troublesome body. A spokesman for the House speaker Nancy Pelosi, who lobbied other members to create the office, said she had no comment on the proposal by Rep. Fudge.
Now we learn that Rep. Fudge has a personal issue with the OCE. The office found that her top aide improperly helped CBC members take a free Caribbean trip that was funded by corporations.
Rep. Fudge has reacted in a manner consistent with the resolution on which the Times reported earlier this week. She has introduced legislation to restrict disclosure of investigations by the OCE and require it to have a sworn complaint from a citizen with personal knowledge of alleged wrongdoing before initiating a probe.
It's an interesting story deserving of coverage beyond Rep. Fudge's district. Indeed, I am quite sure that if Rep. Fudge were a Republican, the story would be getting all the attention it deserves right about now.
Via Professor James H. Steiger.
UPDATE: Today's Washington Post devotes an editorial to the story.       
By Michelle Malkin  •  June 4, 2010 09:10 AM   ©
In Chicago politics, there's an old term for the publicly subsidized pay-offs and positions meted out to the corruptocrats' friends and special interests: boodle.
In the age of Obama, Hope and Change is all about the boodle. So it was with the stimulus. And the massive national service expansion. And the health care bill. And the financial reform bill. And the blossoming job-trading scandals engulfing the White House.
There's always been an ageless, interdependent relationship between Windy City politicos and "goo-goos" (the cynical Chicago term for good government reformers). Chicago-style "reform" has always entailed the redistribution of wealth and power under the guise of public service. And it has inevitably led to more corruption.
In March 2010, this column first took note of allegations by Democrats Joe Sestak and Andrew Romanoff that the White House had offered them jobs in exchange for dropping their respective bids against Obama-favored incumbent Sens. Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania and Michael Bennet in Colorado. White House legal counsel Bob "The Fixer" Bauer's attempt to bury questions about the Sestak affair with a Memorial Day weekend document dump failed. So has the attempt to make Rahm Emanuel-enlisted former president Bill Clinton the sole scapegoat.
Bauer's memo mentions "efforts" (plural, not singular) to woo Sestak. But the White House refuses to divulge what offers besides Clinton's were extended to Sestak. Moreover, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs has now denied that Team Obama was involved in the one Clinton offer that has been publicized — an unpaid appointment on an intelligence board for which Sestak was ineligible.
After months of silence, Romanoff finally stepped forward this week to acknowledge that the White House had dangled several positions before him, too. He released e-mails detailing not one, not two, but three different paid positions offered by White House Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina — whose boss, Emanuel, was subpoenaed this week by impeached former Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich of Illinois to testify in his Senate pay-for-play corruption trial.
So, can I say "I told you so" now?
In July 2009, when "Culture of Corruption" was first released, liberal critics scoffed:
How could you possibly write a 400-page book about Barack Obama's rotten administration when he's only been in office six months?!
When I proceeded to rattle off case after case of Chicago-style back-scratching, transparency-trampling and crooked special interest-dealing in the new White House, liberal critics such as "The View's" Joy Behar interjected:
B-b-b-but what about Bush? Why don't you write a book about Bush? Wha-'bout-Bush? Wha-'bout-Bush? Wha-'bout-Bush?
When I pointed out that I had reported extensively on cronyism in the Bush era (see Harriet Miers, FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security), and when I further pointed out that while the Bush-bashing market overflowed, there remained a massive vacuum of critical analysis of Obama, liberal critics sputtered:
So what? Doesn't every administration have corruption?
When I patiently explained that no other administration in modern American history had set itself up as loftily as the Hope and Change reformers had done, or when I cited endless examples of Obama's broken promises on everything from lobbyists to transparency to Washington business as usual, liberal critics changed the subject again:
Two major job-trading scandals plus the start of the Blago trial this past week — on top of a year's worth of uninhibited White House wheeling and dealing, broken transparency pledges, Justice Department stonewalling and brass knuckle-bullying of political opponents — have finally turned the once-derided thesis of my book "Culture of Corruption" into conventional wisdom.
Obama sold America a Chicago-tainted bill of goods. A nation of slow learners is finally figuring it out.            Posted in: Corruption
June 4, 2010 10:09 AM by La Shawn Barber
One problem. California voters banned preferences in 1996.       
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Belling on Israel and Anti-Semitism
What side is the Obama Regime on? Imagine what will happen if Israel has to attack Iran.
"Russia, of all countries, is condemning Israel for killing its own people. Stalin's Russia!" -Mark
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"I haven't seen any erosion in polling support among Jewish voters for Obama.  There may be a trickle of it, but expecting Jewish voters to defect from Obama is the same thing as expecting the black voters to defect.  It ain't going to happen.  Liberals, I don't care what else they are, are liberals first."  -Rush
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Umpire's Call Costs Detroit Tigers Pitcher a Perfect Game
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Rush Compared Obama to Carter Two Years Ago! ( Transcript, Audio)
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"There are Democrats who are worried now that Obama is turning into Jimmy Carter. A guy who can't do anything right. The problem for Democrats is Carter was more qualified than Obama." -Mark
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We enjoy reading some of the eMail from Kathleen McKinley
"Stop Insulting Our Intelligence"
Every once in a while you find a Democrat pundit that is willing to turn away from the talking points, and be honest about their own party. Kirsten Powers does that here. When the White House finally had to confirm that they had indeed tried to get Andrew Romanoff out of the Colorado primary with an administration job, Kirsten remembered what the White House had said about it in September:
The Denver Post ran a story on the rumored job offer last September -- but White House spokesman Adam Abrams said then, "Romanoff was never offered a position within the administration."
Under the Bill Clinton standard, that's true: There was no formal "offer." But Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina's e-mail outlined in great specificity three government jobs that happened to be open, should Romanoff (who'd previously been denied an administration job) decide not to run.
The White House's reasoning is migraine-inducing: It insists it didn't offer a job -- but also that the president has an interest in influencing party primaries. But if the president wasn't offering a job, then what was he doing to prevent a primary contest?
He was offering a job. Stop insulting our intelligence.
But that's not the worst. To justify the presidential interest in influencing party primaries, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs yesterday noted, "We went through a contested primary, and they aren't fun things." Huh?
By that logic, Obama should have been pushed out of the 2008 primaries to avoid a contentious fight and give the establishment candidate, Hillary Clinton, a walk to the nomination. At the outset, she was by far the favored candidate.
Powers really gets to the heart of the matter here:
Many Beltway talkers are claiming that the president actually has the "right," as head of the party, to clear the field in primaries. Sorry, the only people with the right to choose a nominee are primary voters. We live in the United States, not some Middle Eastern dictatorship (or, apparently, Chicago).
When I voted for Obama, I voted for him to be president, not for him to use government jobs or perks to drive out qualified challengers in Democratic primaries.
A desperate need for more and more power is a disturbing thing to watch. This is why our government was designed the way that it was when our founding fathers first conceived of it. It is for the people to decide who represents them, not the White House. This President seems to have very little faith in the people. He seems to feel that he knows better.
He doesn't.
Democrats (other than Powers) can brush this off as no big deal. But it is a very big deal. Not only is it illegal, but it spits in the face of Democracy. This should never be accepted, no matter which party does it. 
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Hard-to-find-news has Rush and Kathryn wedding at his home tomorrow.
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Best wishes, Kathryn, and congratulations, Rush! We love you, and now love her too... 

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